During a traditional Reiki session, the practitioner places their hands lightly on or just above the recipient’s body, allowing the energy to flow where it is needed most. This hands-on approach is based on the belief that physical touch enhances the flow of energy and facilitates healing.

  • Preparation

    I, the practitioner, create a calm and comfortable environment, often through meditation or setting intentions for the healing session. This step helps you and I enter a receptive state. This may involve techniques such as deep breathing, visualization, or mindfulness meditation to quiet the mind and release any tension or distractions. By carefully preparing the physical, mental, and energetic aspects of the environment, it can enhance the effectiveness of the Reiki healing session.

  • Connection

    I, the practitioner, begin by centering myself and grounding my energy, becoming present in the moment, and establishing a strong connection with the earth’s energy. I activate my energy centers (chakras) and open myself to the flow of universal life force energy. Using a series of hand positions placed lightly on or slightly above your body, I channel the energy to flow through me and into you, focusing on allowing the energy to flow freely and naturally throughout your body.

  • Balancing

    I, the practitioner, begin by assessing your energy field and physical body for any areas of imbalance or blockages. Based on the assessment, I focus on directing Reiki energy to the areas of the body that require balancing, clearing any stagnant or negative energy from your energy field. This helps to restore equilibrium on all levels - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. By focusing on balancing your energy field it promotes holistic healing and supports your overall well-being.

  • Integration

    The integration step is the final phase of the healing session and involves ensuring that the healing energy is fully assimilated and integrated. I assist you in returning to a grounded state after the energy work and closing your energy channels, disconnecting you from the flow of Reiki energy. You may share your experiences and sensations during the session and I can provide valuable insights into the your healing process. By focusing on integration it facilitates a smooth transition as you integrate the healing energy.

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